Frequently Asked-

Do I need to do anything prior to my makeup service appointment?


Photos are recommended to be emailed to the artist prior to your appointment of any particular look you'd like for your special event. Pinterest is a great place to find examples of special-occasion looks.


If you have a particular product you prefer (natural, vegan, etc. please bring it or specify).


You can purchase our lashes in-store or bring your own but they must be a new pair, still in an unopened case, for sanitation purposes.


What's included in a 60 & 90 minute makeup service?


We will go over your skin type, best primers and foundations suited for you, contour, blush, full eye look (glam, smokey, natural), brow quickie, and for bridal- choosing the right lip color for the big day and getting that perfect glow.


What are tooth gems?


Unlike other typical tooth gem applications that last up to a year, we offer a temporary tooth gem kit with Swarovski crystals and show you how to apply them yourself.


They last anywhere from a couple of weeks to a month depending on how well you care for them.


You can brush your teeth and eat with your gem, but be aware that it can fall off if eating hard foods.


Your kit includes all the supplies you need to do several more at home in minutes.


What are DIY lash extensions?


These lashes are an alternative to lash extensions for anyone who doesn't want to commit to them or doesn't have the time for hours of getting extensions applied (or the maintenance).


They can stay on anywhere from 5-7 days if cared for properly and are applied under the lash, in sections.


You can shower with them on and they can get wet, but swimming underwater is not recommended.


They are far more affordable than regular extensions and can be applied yourself at home.


We show you how to get started with applying them, how to care for them, and how to remove them. You're sent home with a starter kit and aftercare instructions.


How Do I Prepare for Permanent Makeup/Microblading Services?


We recommend either bringing in a photo of brow goal examples or filling them in as you normally do, so we can find your desired shape.


Please refrain from plucking, waxing, threading, tinting, or any other brow service at least 3 days before your appointment.


Please be sure that nothing on this list applies to you or you will not be eligible for a permanent brow service at this time.


We recommend you don't drink alcohol the day prior to your appointment as it thins the blood and will decrease the chances of pigment hold. We want your brows to last as long as possible!


How long do microbladed/shaded/or ombre brows last?


Nobody's skin is exactly the same. Many factors determine how long pigment will last after a PMU service, such as age of the skin, texture, and aftercare. Most can last 1-2 years, with touch-ups recommended yearly. Anyone over 60 is not recommended microblading as the fine strokes tend to not maintain their structure. Microshading would be recommended in this case, where you can still receive a beautifully filled-in brow.


How long is a microshading/blading/ombre brow appointment?

Permanent brow services typically take about 2.5 hours with a good amount of that time spent mapping out the brow shape and choosing the right pigment. We want it perfect!


Do permanent brow services hurt?

Most clients say it doesn't hurt at all. You will be numbed prior to the service to ease any discomfort, but typically no, it's not too painful.


Any other questions or concerns can be emailed to